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Performance diagnostics

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The Rennbahnklinik's team of specialists help athletes of all skill and experience levels to shape their ideal training programme and maximise their performance. Our clinic's sports medicine performance diagnostics programme assesses each athlete's physical capability.

We use a wide range of tests, such as the lactate test, to determine the factors that define performance for a particular sport (e.g. endurance, strength and speed). This enables us to identify and document strengths and weaknesses in an athlete's condition, as well as areas where individual athletes have made advances in their performance. This information forms the basis for control of the level of sporting activity, and is also used to assist with individual training support and planning.


The Rennbahnklinik's performance diagnostics team works closely with the Rennbahntraining training centre. Athletes who book a performance diagnostics training consultation benefit from special discounts at Rennbahntraining (15% discount on personal training, or a 10-session ticket for group courses).

Performance diagnostics services

Endurance tests

Strength tests

Cycling-specific tests

Training advice (range of training packages, dependent on type and scope of care being provided)